Goratory - orgasm induced diarrhea - Goratory - Orgasm Induced

My tools of torture come from seduction
It is the root that spawns my evil
It sparks the cause that ends their innocence
While bashing their bleeding skulls
Through walls!!!

I pick up bitches with a view of machocism
Their views on pain means dick to me!!!

There was this one girl
Who came to my place
She seemed a bit quiet, But maybe devious
One thing led to another as it always does
I turned around and tied her ankles to a bed post!!!
We started out like I always do in doggy style
As she screamed in pleasure
I grabbed her ponytail and bashed her through a brick wall!!!

She seemed a bit shocked at first and I was stunned as fuck
When over her mangled face
Some blood and teeth dripped off her smile
When she was back in consciousness
I sucked the blood off her skin
She said she wanted more, So I punched her in the face
My life erupted in a frenzy
When I tied her up and beat her down!!!

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Goratory - Orgasm Induced DiarrheaGoratory - Orgasm Induced Diarrhea